The Servant’s Palm


When I thought about all the ways I wanted to begin this blog, I thought of how I had begun so many other similar blogs that pertained to faith, philosophy, and other experiential human processes. I quickly became discouraged and thought better of it.

However, in hopes to better formulate my own belief system within the Christ centered borders of the realm in which my soul inhabits I need to be able to articulate my thoughts and feelings in a way that is both productive and documentary. My harried and strange path that the Lord has allowed me to traverse has left me with scars, bruises, caked soil and other markers of a long journey. My palms, though in reality smooth and unworn, are cut and calloused from years of spiritual toil. That hardship does not stop with the New Birth, rather Christ takes His servant’s hands in His and toils through the world with his servant.

This blog is a part of that toil, part of the journey that began when I realized I was Dead and needed Life. Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest, my Lord has not forsaken me.



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